3 Amazing Eco-friendly technologies by Toyota

No doubt, Toyota is one of the best car brands in the world. From top SUV land Cruiser to luxury sedan Camry to advance hatchback Vitz, Toyota’s vehicle has its own identity in the market.

Prices of cars are also affordable as you can see Toyota Vitz price in Pakistan. Safety features are also amazing in Toyota vehicles. As far as innovation is concerned, the name of Toyota can't be ignored.   



Toyota's approach to Environment-friendly vehicles:

Climate is changing, exhaust gases are creating pollution in the atmosphere that's harmful to everyone.

So, as an environment-friendly automobile company, Toyota is focusing on hybrid, electric and fuel-cell technologies that will contribute to the environment in the long-term future.


3 Amazing environment technologies

 Let’s look at these three technologies one by one  

1. HV (Hybrid Vehicles):

 Hybrid technology offers double power to the vehicle (An engine and a motor). This is amazing technology as a vehicle can switch its power from engine to electric motor when it is under some specific speed and it goes back to engine power when a vehicle accelerates and speed up. 

Means if you’re driving inside the city with heavy traffic, it offers you free driving because it's running on the electric motor alone.

No fuel consumption at all under some specific speed that helps in reducing the emission of co2 and make it an environmentally friendly vehicle. 

Example cars


EV (Electric Vehicles):

Electric vehicle runs only on the electric motor. Means zero Co2 emission. Toyota is focusing on making electric vehicles and in the future, it will make a small vehicle to large electric trucks.

Currently, Toyota is doing research on how to improve battery performance and related technologies.


FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicles)  

What is Fuel-cell technology?

 It is a vehicle that generates electricity by a chemical reaction of (hydrogen & oxygen). This electricity is then used as power for the vehicle to move.

As it is recognizable that hydrogen is a clean energy source, Toyota is working on vehicles that can run on fuel cell and lead to zero-emission on Co2.

FCVs will improve,

  • Hydrogen usage as an energy source
  • Overcome environment pollution problems 



Changing climate demands us to reduce the usage of technologies that result in exhaust bad gases and create pollution for the atmosphere. For that, Toyota emphases on technologies that overcome usage of harmful material and promotes stable eco-friendly supply.




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